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Born Brian James Alexander on August 15th 1990, Brian James has always had  an undying passion for people. His passions for people have led him on a journey through entertainment, taking him on to various stages in front of some of the biggest crowds you have ever seen. 

​His journey began playing sports for prestigious teams and instituions in his hometown of Prince George's County, MD. In his early teens, along with playing sports, James found himself leading in ministry. 

While also in his teens, James began song writing and performing with a group called Truth Movement. His musical journey is deep rooted with  his grandfather's stern musical reputation in North Carolina as a performance musician and teacher. His grandfather surprised him with his first saxophone as a christmas gift in 1999. This came 4 years after Brian received his first instrument; the drums. His music journey had begun. 

In 2009, after quitting college football, Brian's passion for music and people led him to begin a career in radio. Beginning radio 7 days a week in Washington, D.C in 2010 then in 2014 accepting a job in Buffalo, N.Y, he continuously hosted a #1 show called Brian's World. In 2015, Brian accepted a position in Indianapolis as a midday host but his journey would take a turn here.  

Brian picked up his passion for music once more and decided that he was going to leap out of radio and into music full-time. Brian decided to finish his first studio album "I'm Fine" and scheduled it for a summer 2016 release.